Intuit Canada Website Review & Ratings + Intuit Canada Coupons
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Intuit Canada Website Review & Ratings + Intuit Canada Coupons

Intuit Canada : Products & Services

Intuit Canada is a developer of financial management and tax preparation solutions for personal finance and small business accounting. Services are delivered on a variety of platforms including application software, software connected to services, software as a service, platform as a service and mobile applications. Intuit Canada has employees located all across Canada, with offices in Edmonton, Alberta and Mississauga, Ontario, and is an affiliate of Intuit Inc.

Intuit Canada : Company Background

Intuit Canada was founded following the acquisition of a Canadian company in 1993 by Intuit. In 1992, Edmontonians and University of Alberta graduates Bruce Johnson and Chad Frederick had built a tax preparation product called WINTAX - Canada's firstMicrosoft Windows-based personal tax preparation software. In 1993, they agreed to be acquired by Chipsoft, manufacturer of the U.S. personal income tax software TurboTax. Shortly after the WINTAX acquisition, Chipsoft agreed to merge with Intuit, the developer of the Quicken financial software.

Intuit Canada : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customers of Intuit Canada appear to be very happy with their products and services. Views of one of the satisfied customers are given here. "Being that 100% of my transactions use credit cards, I would estimate that Intuit Merchant Service for QuickBooks will save me dozens of hours each year. I won't have to reconcile, use my old POS's clunky online software, or use some kind of awkward reference system to link the two systems. Definitely a huge time saver and overhead killer."
- Shaun Olafson, BlueClick Development Ltd.

Intuit Canada : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Intuit Canada has become well reputed both on and off internet for its very useful products and quality customer service over the years. Even if they are not BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited, the company is still well known widely. A good number of different websites are writing different articles about Intuit Canada. It appears to be quite popular with small businesses for their accounting, book-keeping and tax optimization needs.

Intuit Canada : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Since they are depending heavily on their website for generating business, they have to attract lot of traffic to their website to boost their sales. Upon checking its traffic statistics in Alexa results show that in the past month, it is ranked as #58,432 globally and #1497 in Canada. Google PageRank gave Intuit Canada’s website a 6 out of 10 (with 10 being the highest).

Intuit Canada : Social Media Presence

Their official website is very informative and updated. All their products and services have been clearly listed and displayed with proper illustrations. Their website is well designed and easy to navigate.

In addition to having their own official website, Intuit Canada is also present in social media. Their website prominently displays links to FaceBook and Twitter. As of January 5, 2013, Twitter account of Intuit Canada has 1818 followers. Their Twitter account is periodically updated.

Their FaceBook account is just updated, and features similar updates to their Twitter account. As of January 5, 2013, their FaceBook page has a total of 2963 likes.

Intuit Canada : Website Security & Safety

Upon running a Google diagnostic test on their official website, the results show that the website is not listed as suspicious nor has it exhibited malicious activity within the past 90 days. It is said to be safe for browsing.  Further their website carries logo of McAfee Secured which is another evidence for the security of their website.

Intuit Canada : Pricing & Packages

Intuit Canada has a wide variety of products. Price range for one of their software family was checked. Prices for Professional Tax software range from $550 to $2500.

Prices of Intuit Canada are found to be higher than another service provider, Visual Tax by around 80%, and in some cases more than double. However a number of customers are quite happy with the package offered by Intuit Canada

Intuit Canada : Shipping Rates & Policies

Their website does not provide any information regarding shipping rates and policies. This may be because their product packages include considerable software. They may be doing most of their business through their other partners, distributors, resellers, etc. located in different regions. Considerable amount of interaction with the users may be required during selection and finalization of products and services to suit widely varying applications.

Intuit Canada : Payment Methods Accepted

Their website does not mention their acceptable methods of payment. Since most of their transactions are online, most of the widely popular credit cards might be acceptable. They may be assuming that online transaction through credit cards are very widely followed by almost all users and there may not be any need for specially mentioning a widely used and well accepted practice.

Intuit Canada : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Their website does not mention anything regarding their return/refund/exchange policy. This may be because they are dealing with software, which cannot be compared to physical products. Considerable interaction between the service provider and user are required before selecting and finalizing their product and service. If the user faces any problem after the purchase, their customer support service is available to help to set right the working of the equipment, if such a need arises.

Intuit Canada : Product images & screenshots
Intuit Canada Coupons
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